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Be Inspired By Christmas Canapes for Your Winter Wedding

If you’re getting married close to Christmas, creating a wonderful winter celebration doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use Christmas traditions and winter themes to inspire everything about your wedding day, including the food. A selection of delicious Christmas canapes is a fantastic way to kick off the party when your guests arrive at your wedding reception. There’s a huge range of different flavours you can experiment with, and fun things that you can do to invoke feelings of Christmas and cosy winters. Try the following ideas for exciting canapes that will promise your guests more good food to come.

Play with Christmas Flavours

Everyone has certain flavours that they think of when winter arrives and Christmas starts to get closer. Cinnamon and ginger, Christmas pudding, turkey, smoked salmon, cranberries, roast potatoes, or perhaps nut roast. These flavours can inspire some playful ideas for Christmas canapes for a winter wedding or any other winter event. Think of them in terms of ingredients and flavours that you can have fun with, instead of specific dishes. There are classics, like salmon and cream cheese canapes, but you could come up with some other ideas too.

Use Seasonal Ingredients

Making use of seasonal ingredients is something that we’re passionate about at Caiger & Co. Cooking with seasonal ingredients helps you take a sustainable approach to food and catering, as well as make the best use of the beautiful ingredients that the UK has to offer. Some of the great vegetables we have in winter include swede, sprouts, parsnips and fennel. It’s a great time for game, from venison to partridge. Apples, pears and quince offer sweet treats too. You can find plenty of tasty winter flavours that are sure to offer comforting and tastebud-tingling options for your Christmas canapes.

Get Inventive with Veggie and Vegan Canapes

When you think of vegetarian Christmas food, nut roast is probably what comes to mind. While some people like it, many dread seeing nut roast as the veggie or vegan option on a winter menu. If you want to make sure there are some options for all your guests among your canapes, it’s a good idea to be as creative as you can, while also offering Christmas flavours that everyone recognises. Walnuts, cranberries, orange, Christmas spices and other vegetarian and vegan ingredients are all top winter flavours that all your guests will love.

Offer Warming Winter Drinks

Accompanying canapes with drinks is essential. Instead of, or as well as, the traditional wedding champagne (or prosecco), consider a warming winter drink. It will be especially welcome if your guests have had to stand outside for photos after the ceremony or walk from the ceremony venue to the reception. You could have mulled wine or cider, a warming winter punch or even a hot toddy on offer. It should get everyone warmed up for dinner and dancing and go well with your Christmas canapes.

Even if your winter wedding isn’t that close to Christmas, it can still help to inspire your food and other elements for a festive celebration.