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Catering Companies Share the Top Dishes Perfect for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn is an extremely popular time to get married. With the changing of the seasons, the ambiance of any wedding can be greatly enhanced. This very same principle holds true in terms of the foods that are served. What are some of the top autumn wedding foods and why can these be great ways to punctuate such an important day?


Many experts believe that the appeal of any wedding menu has just as much to do with the appetisers served as it involves the main courses themselves. The smallest detail can make big a difference.

Some common foods to consider during the autumn include smoked salmon, grilled shrimp and crab cakes. The organic flavours of these options combined with their warm colours will help to compliment any similar autumn decor. 

The Cocktail Hour

It’s very common for guests to enjoy a cocktail or two before the main meal takes place. This is another opportunity to dazzle them with a few delectable dishes. Breads and cheeses can be excellent ideas during an autumn wedding. Brie and sharp cheddar alongside darker bread types can wonderfully complement each other. This is also a useful method to dull the potential effects of alcohol.

The Entreés

When the temperatures outside begin to drop, many London catering firms will tend to swap out lighter dishes such as fish for heartier options including steak, chicken and pork. Mashed potatoes served with rack of lamb is a particularly popular option due to the inherent rich flavours found within. Pot pie and shepherd’s pie are also great alternatives for those who are looking to imbue a more traditional theme to their wedding. 


London catering companies will often incorporate flavours such as pumpkin, cinnamon and caramel within their desserts. As each individual will have his or own unique tastes, it is best to provide a number of choices through a buffet-style setting. Pecan pie, pumpkin cheesecake and even candied apples are a few examples to consider.

Autumn weddings can be truly memorable events. London catering experts will therefore place a great deal of importance into the selection of foods that guests can enjoy. A little preparation can indeed go a long way.


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