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Artisan Drinks Suppliers

We pride ourselves on working with the best suppliers, be it supporting small start-ups making artisan chocolate or working with our greengrocer, to make the most of interesting and often neglected seasonal veg. The same ethos applies to our drinks sourcing and there are two companies in particular who we value extremely highly for the quality of their products, James Clay and Jascots.
When Do You Need an Evening Buffet?

James Clay are the beer badboys. They source the best independent beers from the UK, Europe and the States and supply them to bars, pubs and restaurants. These are the people who make sure your favourite pub has those crazy, craft beers with the sexy labels we’ve come to love. In addition to their list of reliably delicious core beers, James Clay are always pushing the boundaries, introducing new seasonal lines per month and limited lines for the ever-discerning beer enthusiast.

Jascots are where you want to go to get your wine. Stat. With clients ranging from the National Theatre to Pergola on the roof, chances are if you’ve drooled over a wine list recently it’s been sourced by Jascots. Beyond supplying same delivery wine if you need it, Jascots provide trend insights and food to wine pairing tailor made to their client’s menus. What more they are committed to sustainability and are carbon neutral. Boom.