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4 Ways to Maximise London Catering Companies’ Services for Your Event

Whether you’re hosting a dinner at home or if you’re looking for a way to impress your clients, hiring a bespoke catering service can deliver that “wow” factor. Once you’ve found the right caterer from amongst the roster of London catering companies that appeal to your tastes and budget, try the following tips to make the most of their services.

Find the Right London Catering Companies’ Services for your Event

Make sure the theme for the day is clear.

If you’re hiring a London catering service to make an impression on clients or certain people, you might want to produce results that are refined. However, it isn’t too uncommon for corporate events to command a laid back theme that encourages effortless networking. If you already have a specific theme in mind, communicate this with your caterer from the beginning. In doing so, you both have a clear idea of what’s needed, which means you can discuss appropriate dishes from the start.

Aim for variety that suits everyone’s tastes.

Once you’ve set a theme, you may want to consider the types of food that will appeal to most, if not everyone, during the event. Whilst not every selection will be for every palette, you and your caterer can predetermine the dietary requirements or preferences you need to appeal to. One of the major advantages of bespoke catering is that you can discuss the finer ingredients in detail, giving your caterer a chance to produce the right dishes from the start. Before you meet with them, develop your food or menu ideas first, and then present them for a discussion.

Choose a catering service that offers efficient management.

Whilst some people see catering as a cost, others can see it as a means of saving money. When looking at London catering companies, identify those that offer assistance with finding venues, and those that create a team to serve on the day of your event. By finding a company that offers all-round services, as well as bespoke dishes, you can focus on areas of your life and business that require your attention. In terms of corporate savings, this can reduce loss of productivity.

Find inspiration from what a catering service can offer.

Finally, if you feel as though you’re lacking in inspiration, don’t be afraid to ask your caterers for their ideas. Bespoke caterers, such as Caiger and Co. Catering, are used to weaving their magic, which means they’ll hear what you have to say, build on it, and turn your ideas into delicious reality.


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