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The Story Behind Our Christmas 2021 Canapés

The Story Behind Our Christmas 2021 Canapés
Bella Haycraft-Mae

Creative, seasonal & delicious.

We asked our development Chef Bella to dive deep into the recipe development behind our 2021 Christmas canapés. These canapés work perfectly at private or corporate parties, we can also provide beautiful crockery that really showcase these bite size beauties

Vodka, chive and smoked trout tartlets
This is a new kid on the block and we’ve been playing around with various iterations of this canapé for a few months now, perfecting the ratios and recipes of green herb and vodka jelly, hot smoked trout and a lemon and chive crème fraiche. Having hit the nail on the head it’s been a firm favourite on recent canapé menus, and we predict that will continue through the upcoming festive season.

Charcoal bao bun pulled turkey, spring onions, roasted peanut sauce & sriracha mayo
There’s almost nothing more delicious than an unctuous, soft, pulled turkey leg that’s been slow roasted for hours in a fragrant stock. We give ours a warming Asian twist, with ginger, star anise and cinnamon in the poaching liquor, which we then reduce down to glaze the pulled meat. The spiced meat is undeniably Christmassy, while the eye-catching homemade charcoal bao adds a bit of drama for an absolute showstopper of a canapé.

Caiger prawn cocktail – Poached tamarind & chilli prawns, caramelised with coconut sugar, served with a gochujang Marie Rose sauce
These are our take on an unmissable Christmas classic; the prawns are poached with ginger and lemongrass, and then glazed in a tamarind-and-ginger-coconut-caramel-sauce. Sticky, spicy, sweet and sour, and can be served in a mini martini glass to add a bit of retro glamour to any event.

Golden choux buns with vanilla cream and dark chocolate
Somewhere between an éclair and a profiterole, these bite-sized morsels are the perfect sweet addition to any event – they look fabulous and festive with their golden dusting as well.