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Tapas Anyone?

I love the act of making and eating tapas. Not many European cultures have a cuisine based around sharing dishes, and there is something almost ritualistic in the making, eating and sharing of it. I went to Portugal for a week to cook for a family at the beginning of November, and this was the first meal I cooked for them. Some of them were a little fussy, some of them were veggies and other ardent carnivores, one thing was for sure though that every dish hit the spot, and everyone had more than enough.

The Menu:

Burnt Piquillo Peppers with olive Oil and Sea Salt

Fried Chorizo with Garlic and Crusty Portuguese Bread

Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce

Patas Bravas

Prawns with Lemon Rind and Garlic

Broad Beans with Morcilla

And all of it served in the lovely setting pictured above.