High-quality, seasonal and local.

We are only sourcing from artisan producers.


The Space

We work with some amazing venues throughout London

The Pantry

We make sure we always know where our ingredients have come from
and that our suppliers have the same high standards as us.

The Celtic Bakery


The Fishmongers Kitchen


Cannon & Cannon

The Cellar



James Clay

The Urban Cordial Company

Cru Kafe

Zig Zag Tea

Sustainability Statement


At Caiger & Co. local and seasonal sourcing has always been an imperative part of our menu ethos.

We will always try our best to celebrate the seasons and source our food from our best local suppliers who value sustainability and quality as much as we do. Meat and Fish is always sustainable or Red Tractor Approved.

Vegetables are our raison d’etre, we take special care to treat them with as much attention to detail as the meat we use. From sourcing to preparation – expect excitement, not an after thought.

Fair Trade and Organic wherever possible, helping to support global farms and monitor our sourcing of unusual products.


We offer balanced menus taking care to look after our guests and clients.

We have signed-up to the Evening Standards Last Straw campaign, and now only serve paper straws at events.


At Caiger & Co. we take care to look after our waste before, during and after our events.

We recycle our food waste, glass, tin, cardboard and old used oil.

We manage our leftovers and waste products as well, preserving surplus food through preserving and fermenting, making kimchi for example, carrot top pesto and creating powders from herb stems.