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St Patricks Day

With St Patricks day tomorrow (March 17th), have you planned what snacks to have with your Guinness or whisky?

After having a look through various sites on the internet I have spotted a couple of great collections of Irish food for the day. I would recommend:

Ireland itself is an amazing country for food producers. I have been on holiday there near on every year since I was born for going on three weeks a year. We spent summers shopping in delis and picking vegtables in farmers fields to make into winning picnics and beach BBQs. The water is SO so cold, which only goes to increase your appetite and tune your tastebuds.

Some of my favourite producers are now stocked over here as well. Including some cheese’s which come from the very area of Ireland I know so well; Gubbeen and Durrus, and can be brought from Neals Yard Dairy in London or online. Try Gubbeen on toast with thin slices of tomato and smoked ham.

So why not keep an eye out this weekend for Irish produces for your meal and make not just your typical meal but an authentic one too.