A Hamper Packed With Purpose


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Black cow cheddar
This cheddar is made from the milk of grass-grazed cows on a West Dorset farm. They use the waste from this cheese to make their vodka!

Rubies in the rubble chutney
Pioneers in combatting food waste, they make delicious relishes from surplus ingredients.

Toast ale
Planet saving beer that’s brewed with surplus fresh bread, all profits go to charities fixing the food system. Two cans of limited edition ‘Rise Up’ Toast Ale. Using QR codes, these delicious beers tell the story of our broken food system and how we can fix it for people & the planet.

Original bean chocolate
Original Beans’ One Bar : One Tree programme has grown millions of trees in the forests of origin. When you break off a piece of Original Beans chocolate, not only are you moments away from enjoying the rarest cacao beans in their purest form—you are breaking ground for a tree

Chic pea crackers
Made with chickpea plants, which naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow. They’re good for the planet… simply by being themselves.

Bees wax food wrapper
Beeswax wrap is made by infusing sustainable cotton with beeswax, rosin, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. It is a reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and single-use plastic – we love it.

Urban Cordial
The most delicious fruit cordials, made using surplus fruit. So far Urban Cordial have saved 30 tonnes of fruit from landfill.