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Ponder Five Queries To Choosing A Menu From London Catering Companies

Food is an important part of any event, and something your guests will remember. From amongst the London catering companies, the key is to work with a bespoke and trusted caterer who will help you to create a menu to suit your guests’ requirements at the right price for you. Here are five questions to consider when deciding on a catering menu.

Consider A Perfect Menu From Amongst The Top London Catering Companies

1. Is it seasonal?

You should try to incorporate seasonal ingredients in your catering menu; this should reduce the cost as well as make your menu suitable for the time of year. Choose heartier foods for an autumn or winter event and lighter foods for a spring or summer event.

2. Does it complement your wine?

Unless you plan on serving a different wine with every course, you should choose a menu that will compliment your choice of wine. A good rule of thumb is to match red wine with meat and white wine with fish.

3. Is it food your guests enjoy?

Each dish on your menu should tantalise your guests’ taste buds. If your caterer does not provide you with a menu that will live up to your guests’ high standards, swap and change courses until you are satisfied.

4. Do your guests have any special dietary requirements?

Whilst many recipes can be easily adjusted to suit different dietary preferences, you should ask your guests to provide information on any dietary restrictions in advance. Catering companies in London like Caiger And Co. Catering will gladly work with you to create a menu everybody can enjoy. This way, there will be no stress due to last minute menu changes.

5. Is it within budget?

Most catering menus are advertised on a price per head basis, so if you opt for a menu at the top end of your budget, you may struggle to meet any unexpected costs that may arise. Choose a menu that falls in the middle of your budget so that you are able to accommodate any last-minute guests.

Your catering menu may not be the first thing you think about when planning an event, but if you are serious about becoming a great host, it should be taken into consideration.


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