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Have a Hard Time Choosing Caterers in London? Let your Guests Decide!

London is repeatedly heralded as the foodie capital of the world, a title that has resurfaced many times over the last few years. So it is not surprising that anyone looking for catering companies in London has a bewildering selection to choose from and the problem lies in how to begin to narrow down your options.

Hard Time Choosing

Catering to Your Guests

One of the simplest ways is to look at your list of attendees and decide what style of food they would like to eat; after all, the perfect host does not simply cater to their own tastes. If your guests would prefer a particular ethnic cuisine then it makes sense to choose a caterer that makes it a specialty. Or alternatively, they may prefer a mix of different dishes, so a company that has a broad repertoire is likely to be more reliable.

Factors on the Food

As a host it is important to know a bit about the food being served, especially when receiving compliments on your choices. Seasonality, locally sourced suppliers and ingredients with provenance are becoming increasingly important. A good caterer will care as much about the raw ingredients as the finished dishes and will be able to name their sources and the reasons for choosing them. Even caterers in London have access to locally grown and produced ingredients, from a range of top quality small and innovative suppliers.

Learning the Style of Service

The style of service should also be considered. Formal dinners are ideal for letting small groups have intimate conversations, and can also be used to separate elements that might not get on so well. Canapés and bowl food allow guests to mingle and circulate freely. Buffets can be cost effective when it comes to service but do rely on people’s patience when it comes to queuing.

Quality of Food over Costs

Cost is always an important factor but saving money on the food can prove a costly mistake. For a special occasion the charges for the venue, equipment hire, decorations and entertainment soon mount up and it would be a tragedy if the food and service left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. A good caterer can advise on where savings can be made without compromising standards beyond what would be acceptable to your party.

So when it comes to catering, why not let your guests make some of those important decisions for you, even if they are not aware of their input. Of course, if guest satisfaction is your main goal, you no longer need to look further, for catering companies in London like Caiger and Co. Catering can surely deliver to all your needs, and more.