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Get Creative with a Delicious Vegan Buffet

Catering for a range of diet preferences and needs takes creativity. People with certain dietary needs get fed up of having the same things over and over, from nut roast to spaghetti with tomato sauce. Vegan food is becoming more and more popular, though, even with people who don’t eat a strictly vegetarian diet.

Whether you’re hosting a vegan wedding or you have some vegan guests coming to your corporate event, a classic buffet is a great way to make everyone happy. Thinking of enough dishes might seem daunting, but it’s a chance to get creative and discover new things.

Forget About Vegan Food Being Boring

If you’re a vegan yourself, you already know that vegan doesn’t mean boring. Removing animal products from your diet might limit you slightly, but it still leaves you with a huge number of ingredients to play with. Vegan doesn’t always mean healthy either, and vegans can enjoy junk food as much as anyone else. If you think that vegan food is boring, get rid of that notion right away. There’s so much that you can do and, if you struggle, you can always get an expert caterer like Caiger & Co to help you out.

Take Advantage of Amazing British Ingredients

One of the best ways to get inspiration for a vegan buffet is to take a look at local and seasonal British produce. Sure, we have some good meat and dairy options, but that’s not all there is. From fruits and vegetables to foraged sea greens, there’s plenty of British produce that fits nicely into a vegan diet. There’s lots of variety, especially with different things available seasonally. You can make some beautiful pickles from British veg, knock up a vegan ploughman’s lunch or even create some delicious vegan desserts with British-grown fruit.

Think of Favourites That Happen to Be Vegan

You might not realise it but a lot of favoured dishes happen to be vegan. Just because they’re not exclusively part of a vegan diet, it doesn’t mean that they should be excluded. Hummus is a particularly popular dip, for example, and there isn’t an animal product in sight in its ingredients. Falafel, another chickpea dish, is a great option to add to a vegan buffet as an alternative to things like sausage rolls. Anything that isn’t already vegan can often be altered easily by changing or leaving out a single ingredient.

Focus on Finger Food

While not all buffet food needs to be finger food, it’s helpful if a lot of it is. People want to be able to eat it while standing and talking. If they need a fork or spoon, they shouldn’t need a knife. It’s no different for a vegan buffet, so try to think of food that your guests can pick up and eat without too much trouble. Anything that can be eaten in one or two mouthfuls is even better. Vegan pastries, sandwiches and wraps, pakora and lots of other ideas can work well for your buffet.

Putting on a vegan buffet doesn’t have to mean that your choices are limited. A bit of creativity can get you a long way.