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I’m in the middle of making fudge (literally), for the Anon Farmers Market in Dorset this weekend Dorset Day Flyer 2011. I’ve got a stall at the market selling two local products. One which is a little alternative and not so local, Vanilla from a company I work for Vanilla Brown! The other is rapeseed oil. I’m going to bake goods with each of the products to demonstrate their qualities and taste!

At the moment I’m am whisking wildly at my second lot of fudge. I’m making two different vanilla tablet recipes. I’m really fussy about fudge, I HATE chewy fudge. I was discussing this this morning with Lisa from Black Pot Catering (Black Pot Catering). She also like the crumbly hard fudge…the proper stuff! It has to be crumbly to be amazingly.

The first recipe is an old childhood recipe:

1 lb caster sugar

4 oz butter

15 oz can of condensed milk

Few drops vanilla essence, I’ve also include a lot of vanilla seeds.

Heavy based saucepan

8″ square tin

Non stick baking paper


Line tin with non stick paper.

put all ingredients into a pan and heat gently stirring all the time until sugar is dissolved and butter melted.

Put an oven glove on to protect your hand and bring mixture to the boil for 10 – 15 mins stirring all the time until thickened and golden.

Turn off the heat.

Pour into tin and smooth with palette knife. Lightly mark squares in the top. Leave to cool completely before removing from tin and cutting into


The second is borrowed from my Uncle’s Partner Marget, it is her mothers.

5 oz butter ( ordinary salted butter)

half pint milk (full fat)

1 lb granulated sugar

dollop of vanilla essence ( except you will have the real thing!!!)

  • put all ingredients, apart from vanilla, in to a large/heavy bottomed saucepan and heat until sugar is dissolved-stirring in between doing other jobs in the kitchen. (time to empty the dishwasher!)
  • Turn up heat until ‘soft boil’ is reached- stirring more often now (less time to do other stuff now!)
  • Remove from heat, add vanilla and beat until pale and thick and creamy- when you scrape around the pan it makes a sort of ‘ccccc’ noise when it is ready.
  • pour into a buttered tray of about 6x 8 inches.
  • When cooled for a while mark out into squares. You will need to go over the marks again when it is fully cooled. But if you wait to long before doing the first markings out, it tends to split rather than cut.
  • try and resist eating it all before you have given it away!

Let see which one sells the best!