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Doughnuts! Our Guest Tasters Speak!

It’s National Doughnut Week – our favourite so far we think. Doughnuts are our regular tea time, well, any time treat in the kitchen.

When we did our pop up at Borough Market last Christmas, it was the doughnuts at Bread Ahead that basically kept us going.

My sister Poppy is an even bigger fan than me though, so selflessly she volunteered to write about a bit of a taste test she conducted recently with her friend Tiggy, who we discovered may be an even bigger fan than Poppy.

Anyway, we let them loose on here to tell you all about what they think of two fabulous London doughnuts from Bread Ahead & St. John’s.

Poppy Speaks

I can happily & honestly say that doughnuts are my number one tea time treat. One of my guiltiest (and yet most frequent pleasures) is buying a 5 pack of cheap supermarket jam doughnuts on the way back from work and slowly eating them in succession, happy in the knowledge that there is another one waiting after this one, so you don’t get the ‘last mouthful’ panic until you’re 5 in and feeling grateful that there aren’t any more to shove in.

Since moving to London, my love of doughnuts has turned into more of an art since I discovered the range of gourmet doughnuts on offer. This obsession was started by, and still headed by, Bread Ahead. When Caiger & Co. had their pop up in Borough Market I went with Alix one weekend to help set up ahead of opening. We got there and Alix headed out and grabbed 4 Bread Ahead doughnuts for us to share. Needless to say over the next hour I did nothing useful. I sat & delighted in the most indulgent doughnuts known to man. They are so rich and luscious that you feel the need to cut them into quarters – in my mind this is done with the thought of sharing ‘I can’t possibly eat this all myself.’ But, the moment you have one portion you realise that sharing is not the best idea and you start to move into corners and away from friends so they don’t register that you’re eating the most delicious doughnut on earth and ask for a bite.

During the pop-up, I was on site nearly everyday, and every one of those days I got a doughnut. I went into withdrawal after we had popped-down and had to keep on taking long cuts to get to Borough Market to feed my addiction. There have been a few gut wrenching moments when I’ve made the journey only to find that they’ve sold out of vanilla cream ones – it’s very hard to salvage a day after you’ve received that news.

Tiggy Speaks

I bite into the fat, soft ball of joy and forget all my woes. Today I’m tucking into the St John’s custard doughnut: crème patissiere and chantilly cream dribble down my chin. The perfectly sweet innards are encased by lovely fresh dough whose sugary crisp shell hits your tongue first. You smile, and forget that it’s raining outside and that you don’t have a boyfriend because all you want is another bite. There is a downside however to declaring your loyalty to a St John’s doughnut: it is an elusive pastry. It has taken three visits to get my hands on one of these, thwarted by piggy Londoners at my last two visits, I queue aggressively and triumphantly nab the last doughnut. The wafting aroma of wonderful fresh doughnut fills my nostrils as I smile smugly at the sad man behind me in the queue.


So there you have it, they’re off of to DA (Doughnuts Anonymous) next week…..tell us where you get your fix.