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Catering Companies Can Create a Bespoke Buffet Menu for Your Event

Good food leaves an impression better than anything else. It is easy to get away with boring music and unexciting décor but people will remember if your wedding or birthday party had bland food. Give your guests good food and they can forgive anything that may be wrong with your party or corporate event. A bespoke buffet is one option you can consider. How to come up with a tantalising customised buffet? Hire London caterers. The thing about buffets is that they can appear deceptively uncomplicated but there is much more to it than putting together different dishes on a table. A professional will help you come up with a bespoke buffet menu that is right for your event. Some of these tips will get you on the right track.

Creating Bespoke Buffet Menu Through London Catering Companies

Don’t Clash

Cohesiveness should be your guide when thinking about a bespoke buffet menu. You can’t just throw in different foods and hope for the best. London catering companies can offer you various food options that will complement each other. Having foods that clash on the menu can undermine their savour altogether. If you are having a theme, such as Mexican, ensure that the spicy notes blend in well. You can have beans with chilli sauce and rice with lime. Most people will want a little bit of everything when at a buffet, so make it easy for them to enjoy their food combinations.

All Diets 

A bespoke menu should always be after giving thought to dietary preferences. If it’s a large crowd, then it may be hard to know about allergies and food tolerances. In such a case, include a little bit of everything. Think about whether your guests span different nationalities and religions. Also, consider vegetarians. Caterers can provide bespoke buffet menus that cater to all preferences.

What type of Buffet?

You must also consider whether the guests will be standing or sitting. If it’s a stand-up dinner, then you have to go light on the food. Guests should be able to hold their plates and move around a room without hassles. For salads, think grains, raw vegetables, and tomato and pasta options. If guests sit for their meals, then you can go all out with potato salad and the like. Catering companies can also recommend the best bespoke menu for a cold or hot buffet. Find out which one would suit your event best.

When it comes to the buffet spread, consider complementary textures and colour combinations. Don’t overdo it though, simplicity always works. Caterers will provide a bespoke buffet menu without too many options that overwhelm your guests.


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