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Caiger & Co. Catering Partnering with 30 Pavilion Road

Caiger & Co. Catering Partnering with 30 Pavilion Road

At Caiger & Co. Catering is always looking to partner up with other businesses as we look to explore new opportunities and provide our services on a wider scale. So, we are delighted and excited to announce that we have now become one of the listed suppliers at 30 Pavilion Road.

A Gorgeous Venue

While we take care of the catering, we love nothing more than discovering new venues that offer elegance, style and beauty and that is exactly what 30 Pavilion Road is all about. This beautiful Georgian townhouse is located in the heart of Knightsbridge, making it the ideal place for a whole range of events and that’s why we’re eager to begin working with the venue.

Our aim is to deliver first-class catering to guests and we believe that we will be able to do this with 30 Pavilion Road. As a venue, it captures everything you need and expect from a leading venue. It is versatile as it has the scope to become the ideal location for a huge array of events. This can include weddings, classical concerts, all-day conferences, office parties, filming and photoshoots, proving just how versatile it really is.

What inspires us and drives us to provide our services in line with this stunning venue is our ability to showcase what we offer at one of the top venues in the area. We understand that with the scope to hold a wide range of events, we are going to have the opportunity to work closely with the team at 30 Pavilion Road.

It’s a Venue We Are Familiar With

One of the reasons why we want to partner with 30 Pavilion Road is because we have experience of working at the venue. We have held a number of successful events at the venue in the past, working with event planners to create memorable events that have benefited from our catering expertise and the beauty of the venue.

We handled a wedding at the venue in October 2021 where we assisted with a wedding that had a ‘Made in Chelsea’ style. The design and style of the event including the mesmerising champagne tower were breathtaking. Furthermore, we had a brief that required us to provide a combination of English and Indian food, providing us with the opportunity to explore our abilities and deliver dishes that met the exact requirements of our client.

We also helped to organise an event in November 2021 whereby we helped to provide catering for an early Christmas party. The venue looked sensational as it was decorated with pumpkins and candy stations while we were tasked with serving our tantalising and delicious bowl food.

So, as we move into 2022, we are excited about what lies ahead. Working with a new partner is always an exciting and intriguing adventure but one that we plan to embrace. As experts in event catering, we are confident that we will be able to deliver on every level, proving that a partnership with Caiger &Co. Catering is worthwhile and rewarding. As a result, we are extremely excited to begin working with the General Manager Marina MArusic and her team.