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Autumn: Great Time for London Catering Companies to Serve Organic Food

A study from Newcastle University proves yet again that eating organically-grown produce has more health benefits than conventional crops. Danielle Nierenberg, president of the non-profit group ‘Food Tank’ and contributor to the Women’s International Perspective, gave a brief summary of the study, which basically involved meta-analyses of 343 peer-reviewed publications that also dealt with organic food. Below are some of the study’s highlights:

  • Organic crops contain an average of 17 percent more antioxidants than conventionally grown crops.
  • Some of the organic crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, had as much as 60 percent higher concentrations of antioxidant compounds than conventional crops.
  • The level of flavanones, which are associated with a lower risk of stroke, were 69 percent higher in organic foods tested.
  • Pesticide residues were found to be three to four times more likely in conventional crops compared to organic.
  • Overall levels of pesticides were found to be ten to 100 times lower in organic food than in conventionally produced food.

Nierenberg also says that this study contradicts an earlier study funded by the U.K. Food Standards Agency, which said that the nutritional benefits of organic produce aren’t distinct from conventionally grown foods. With the coming of autumn in the U.K., people would definitely want to sink their teeth into organically-grown fruits and vegetables that only grow this season, like apples, potatoes, and pumpkins. Meanwhile, Caiger and Co. Catering and other renowned catering companies in London ensure that those attending lunch parties, dinners, weddings, and other formal events are also treated with a bespoke menu of organic and seasonal foods.

One thing that diners can definitely expect this season is the variety of recipes that involve mushrooms, either as the main ingredient or as a side dish. Trompette mushrooms, for example, have a unique autumnal taste and texture, which make them a good ingredient for pastas or risotto dishes. Even the more-common porcini mushrooms, better known as ‘ceps’, can be given an autumn twist by sautéing them in butter, shallots, and garlic.

Berries, meanwhile, would make for a good desert or a tasty treat. Blackberries, in particular, are often served by restaurants and caterers as toppings for various dishes like ice creams and salads. Growing these ingredients organically will give people plenty of health benefits, like antioxidants, without sacrificing their taste; something only an experienced caterer in London would know.

Nierenberg hopes that the new study will encourage more people, especially those in the food industry, to favour organic foods than conventional ones. Fortunately, there are certain catering companies in London who are already doing just that.


(Source: Does Organic Make Food Better for You?, The Women’s International Perspective, September 08, 2014)