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10 Tips to Plan the Perfect Christmas Party

  1. Set a date & enquire with the caterers 

The first step to planning the perfect christmas party is setting a date. If you are thinking of finding a caterer for your party, make sure you ask as much in advance as possible about their availability, as Christmas is one of the busiest times for us.

  1. Establish a budget

Defining a budget early on will make the planning process much easier. Make sure you set a comfortable budget for yourself that includes food, drinks, staff, decorations, and a venue. If you have a tight budget look into alternatives to save money. Perhaps host your party at yours or a friends house, or creating a ‘pop-up’ cocktail bar where guests bring a special spirit or bottle of wine will cut down costs on booze.

  1. Find a venue

When considering a venue first decide the approximate guests who are attending. The best venue is one where you have free range to decorate. If you want a budget friendly option, hosting a christmas party at home can feel more intimate and adds that personal aspect.

  1. Choose a theme & send the invitations

Once the date is set, and a budget is defined, you can begin to send your invites. An event starts as soon as your guests hear about it, so why not go all out with your invites. Choose a theme that you can use at the party too. Using tools like Canva means that you can create professional looking invitations- or if your budget allows, why not hire a graphic designer to create a really special invite.You can go with a classic christmas theme such as winter wonderland or Christmas jumper. For unique party themes try going with a modern and bright Christmas costume party.

  1. Source decorations

After choosing your theme it is now time to start finding decorations! Using media platforms such as pinterest will help you find unique decoration ideas for your event! Try and buy second hand or reusable decorations to avoid unnecessary waste. We love working with local florists for our events, and would be happy to suggest some for your  party.

  1. Menu

The best part of any party of course is the food. If you are choosing a caterer see if you can set up a tasting and ask for their recommended seasonal courses. You can also ask if they can include drinks such as eggnog, warm cider, or spiced mulled wine on your menu.

  1. Music

If a DJ or lively band is not the vibe you are looking for, there are some alternatives. You can simply have low volumn christmas music playing in the background or even a string band. Just make sure there is some background noise to set the mood for your event.

  1. Party Favors

Thank your guests with some festive favors. Some ideas are seasonal sweeties, mulled wine sachets, christmas cookies, dried citrus for the Christmas tree!

  1. Include party activities 

Now party activities are not just for kids! You can set up a photobooth with festive props for those unforgettable instagram photos. If kids are attending the event one suggestion is setting up a christmas cooking decorating table- although we have found adults love this.

  1. Choose local

When planning and purchasing items for your party, consider local vendors. This will help bring business to your local community and can provide more sustainable options.