A Mouth-Watering Autumn Wedding with London Caterers

With its abundance of rich flavours, the autumn colours are the best to incorporate a wedding celebration. Due to its gaining popularity, several London caterers are offering such wedding trends.

Choose the Best London Caterers For Your Momentous Autumn Wedding

Autumn is the time of harvest. Expect that loads of food menus will be served on your wedding reception. From purple figs and grapes, ruby red of pomegranate seeds to vibrant orange of butternut squash, there are plenty to fill in your plates and satisfy your taste palates.

Pepper some autumn flavours in your Entrée

Whilst the days can be warm, the autumn nights might be a chilly evening. Should you ever plan to have a wedding ceremony, the best option to bet is either an early outdoor earlier in the afternoon or an all indoor reception.

In your reception menu, start with a creamy, butternut squash soup or a salad with roasted pumpkin seeds as your entrée.

During the start of a chilly season, it is essential to serve your guests with hot and hearty entrées to keep them warm.

Warm up the Main Course

There are plenty of options in warming up your wedding’s main course. But, you must be aware that people always like to have a selection and not just a sit-down menu.

A roast dinner is a great choice. You can give your guests with a meaty main course such as roasted turkey, rib roast or roasted quail.

How about providing a carvery-style main course as well?

Aside from meat, your guests can also choose from a wide array of vegetables and meat or perhaps, a different range of toppings. From beans, chilli con carney to tuna, these will make your guests feel full and stay longer, too.

You can also serve a classic British dish like mash, sausage and a shepherd’s pie. These kinds of dishes are amongst the most scrumptious foods in the UK.

Needless to say, that shepherd’s pie has gotten our mouths watering right now!

Seal it with a light-smacking Dessert and Drinks

Some brides opt for a spiced chocolate wedding cake as their finale. To make it a delightful dessert, you can also add an apple pie, pecan pie, or baked pumpkin. 

A wedding cannot be completed without the booze keeps flowing. Serve the best brands of red wines, hot or chilled apple cider cocktails with a cinnamon stirrer, cranberry champagnes, spiced pear martinis, or spiced rum drinks.

Explore the endless options

Having an autumn wedding is bound to fulfil your dreams. This is also a struggling endeavour you have to make. Aside from the food, you have to look for the perfect location for your wedding, wedding favours, and a whole lot more.

To lessen your burden, let the catering companies in London manage your food and venue. Regardless of saying, these two are the most challenging tasks a host can ever do.

You must always remember, a wedding should be the gateway to your happiness. Explore the endless options and make no room for pressure. Consult a London wedding caterer now!


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