Choosing Caterers in London: Tips for a Successful Wedding Tasting

Weddings are special events that require a lot of time and effort to prepare for—from the ceremony venue to the honeymoon destination. As the bride and groom, there would be a lot of details for you to review and finalise. Therefore, when it comes to choosing among the best catering companies in London, a tasting session is something that you’ll have to attend.


Most leading caterers in London, such as Caiger and Co. Catering, offer potential clients tastings of their menu items, including starters, main dishes, and desserts. They even provide bespoke menus for couples who are looking for something unique and absolutely delicious. During tastings, however, there are a few tips for you to keep in mind so as to ensure a successful outcome. Here are some of them:

Come hungry (or at least, a couple of hours after a meal)

Depending on your chosen menu, you may need to sample anywhere between ten to more than a dozen food items. Coming to a tasting with a full stomach could make you feel uncomfortable once you get to the final dishes and may take out the fun in savoring all the wonderful flavours laid out before you. Of course, you don’t always have to clear your plate when one or two bites of each item are more than enough for you to decide on your selections. In the end, you’ll surely leave the tasting full and satisfied.

Evaluate the quality of the foods and ingredients

Expect the foods prepared by caterers during a tasting to be the exact same thing that they’ll serve during the wedding reception. Does the food taste fresh and natural? Are the ingredients locally grown and harvested? The quality of the food during a tasting is reflective of the caterer’s attention to details and overall skills in food preparation. If there are flavours or ingredients that you want changed for the final menu, you may mention it to the caterer.

Be ready to ask questions

If there are any queries or fine points that you want clarified with your caterer, tastings are the best time to ask them your questions. Helpful questions to ask your caterer include:

(1) Are they working any other weddings or other events on the same day?

(2) Do they specialise in certain types of food that you prefer (e.g. locally sourced, gluten-free, etc.)?

(3) Does the catered meal come full service and what are other inclusions?

By asking such questions, you can check whether the caterer is a good match for your needs and ensure that you end up with the perfect menu.

Must-Know Tips for a Successful Wedding Tasting,